Friday 15 January 2016 feels so right.

It has been one year since the launch of my first book. Writing is a passion that feeds my soul. Every experience in my life has brought me to this moment in time. Finally! feels so right.
   Writing and I have been lifelong friends. Over the past decade, I have had the good fortune to meet and work with some great teachers, mentors and writers who have embraced me and my love of writing...and wanting to make a difference through my work. Jack Canfield and The Canfield Coaching Team took me on as an enthusiastic student in search of myself and my insatiable appetite for knowledge, further understanding and growth. Learning success principles and completing Jack Canfield's Bestseller's Blueprint course, allowed me the opportunity to meet Mr. Canfield in both Anaheim and Scotsdale, Arizona. I attended his Breakthrough to Success Seminar, a private author's luncheon and a "Come as you'll be in 5 years" cocktail party and dinner. When he spoke with me, I had to project myself 5 years into the future and tell him about my accomplishments since taking his course. I told him that I was now a published author and on my way to becoming a bestselling author, who was going to help others and make a difference. The dream is now a reality. I have since studied with the incomparable "Quantum Leap" publishing and publicity people in Philadelphia, led by the well-respected Harrison brothers. My editor, Dave Connors, introduced me to his writing group at the Manitoba Writer's Guild taught by Jake MacDonald. The guild is a rich resource with unlimited opportunities to learn, grow and reach. I have taken Charles Wilkins Masterclass...and will continue to tap into the brilliance of others in search of myself. Stephanie Staples has been hired as my current coach. I love her book, "When Enlightening Strikes." Brilliant title. I love her energy and her heart. The name of her radio show on CJOB, "Your Life Unlimited" speaks volumes to me. That's the kind of life I support. I enjoy Toastmasters and the art of language, words and speech.
   I have had a great life and many wonderful and not-so-wonderful experiences and life lessons... no different from anyone we are all connected. But, they all brought me full circle. I can see my life as though it is all laid out flat...and I can see the larger picture...and it all now makes perfect
sense. It was Dr. David R. Hawkins who wrote, in one of my favorite books titled: "Power vs. Force"
- " We are all on the same evolutionary path. Some people are ahead of us and some are behind.
Sometimes we have to reach for a hand or extend one."
   I spent 30 years researching my first book, "Love, Compassion & Power - Healing the Hurt & Transforming Lives" It is the book that I needed to read thirty years ago. was published and I was mortified! I felt vulnerable. I held my breath. One of my writing "sages" pointed out that I had the "heart and soul" of a writer. It takes courage.
   Time stood still for quite some time until enough people stepped up to tell me how much my book had helped them. That awareness has fueled me with the courage that I needed to move forward. I have so much to write about based on life experiences, knowledge and the desire to truly give back, make a difference and offer hope to those who are struggling in some way, as I once did.
   Life is good...and getting I follow my passion.

   Ladies (and, of course, gents) make 2016 your turn-around year. Connect with your passion, achieve balance and master the art of being the best you any age. I will show you how I
navigated my own 30 year journey of healing to achieve my own optimal level of health: mind, body
& spirit... and so can you.
- Are you sick of feeling sick?
- Is the joy missing from your life?
- Do you want to lose that weight once and for all, return to good health and regain a renewed level of energy and vitality?
- Are you burned out, struggling and in need of some life balance? Adrenal dysfunction.
- Do you feel less than, valueless and as though you are not important and do not matter?
- The power of your mind and removing barriers that are keeping you stuck in limited thinking.
- Is it you or your hormones?
    These are some of the many topics that can be expected. The goal is to empower you to take control of your life and your health because you deserve it. You matter.

Date: Saturday, January 30th.
Time: Noon to 3:00 P.M.
Location: CanadInn - 826 Regent Avenue West (near Plessis Road) Ambassador "A" room
Cost: $40.00
Includes: session, wine, appetizers, coffee/tea, complimentary book, "Love, Compassion & Power - Healing the Hurt & Transforming Lives" for those who register before January 26th., a gift bag & an enjoyable and empowering afternoon with the ladies (and of course, gents are also welcome).
Contact: Deb Goodfellow cell: 204-794-9005 (call or text) feels so right.

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